New MMRB-556 Rifle Release Custombilt Firearms Manufacturing (KS) is releasing a new variant of their MMR (Modern Minuteman Rifle) series.

Introducing the MMRB-556 rifle. The MMRB variant features a nitrided, 1:7 twist, 16” mid-length barrel that they OEM from Ballistic Advantage with a pinned F type front sight block. Custombilt drills and pins their sight blocks in house to ensure the most level, and true front sight block possible. The MMRB-556 features a matched nitrided 9310 bolt, and 8620 carrier. Finally, all MMRB series rifles ship with a Badger Ordnance Gen 2 charging handle latch.

The MMRB-556 is Custombilt’s entry-level price point rifle, and ships with magpul furniture including an SL handguard, making this an ideal choice for a patrol/defense rifle without breaking the bank. Custombilt Firearms Manufacturing (CFM) is a Type 7/SOT manufacturer located in Overland Park, Kansas. CFM manufactures AR15 pattern rifles with a focus on no frills reliability and builds rifles with hard use in mind.